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ASD Resources for Employers, Parents, & Autism Spectrum Adults

We are excited to share these employer resources from our parent organization, the Autism Society, and another affiliate organization, the Autism Society of Minnesota. These resources offer tools and strategies for employers from autism basics to strategies for employers and ASD staff. Although they are geared toward employers, they may offer parents, caregivers, and Autism Spectrum adults pertinent insights into what to expect with employment.

The Employer's Guide to Asperger's Syndrome is written by Barbara Bissonnette and features information on Asperger's 101, Common Workplace Challenges, and Optimal Jobs & Work Environments. Check out the Asperger's Guide here.

Working with People who have High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome: Tools & Strategies for Managers and Supervisors was created by the Autism Society of Minnesota through a local grant. It offers information that begins with an Overview of the Strengths, Challenges and Learning Styles of People who have Autism Spectrum Disorders and includes Recommended Supports and Accommodations. It also addresses the need for work accommodations, how to clarify job expectations, and working with a job coach, with much more. Check out the Autism Guide here.

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