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New Way to Apply for Universal Grants

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Happy August! As many students are no doubt enjoying their last bit of summer vacation, parents are getting ready for their children, teens, and young adults to begin a new school year! In your preparation for your fall activities, if you are planning on applying for a HVAS Universal Grant, we are pleased to announce a new streamlined way to apply.

The application is now located as a Google form, which may be accessed by Google and non-Google users. Google users may directly upload any supporting documentation into the form. Applicants with other email addresses may complete the form and then are requested to finish the application by emailing or mailing the supporting documentation. Additionally, to better support our mission to promote lifelong access and opportunities for people on the autism spectrum and their families, so they can be fully participating members of their communities, we are now requiring a financial need component to all grants. The required supporting documentation is identified in the online application.

Google users may access the form here,

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Applicants with other email addresses may access the form here,

To complete your application please email the supporting documentation to and reference your and the potential grant recipients name. Supporting documentation may also be mailed to our offices at 42 Crown St, Kingston NY 12401. Only completed applications can be accepted.

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